15 critical business questions keeping pharma leaders up at night

15 critical business questions keeping pharma leaders up at night infographic

To ensure success in today’s evolving pharmaceutical marketplace, you need answers to critical business questions at each step of the drug development life cycle.

Is your organization equipped to answer these burning questions?

Business Development

1. Of all assets available, what asset has the highest potential and is most likely to give me the patient population, revenue and profit I need?


2. How can I design the most cost-effective clinical trial with the highest impact for post-trial commercialization?

Commercialization and Market Access

3. How do I design a commercialization strategy that provides the right education and evidence to prescribers and payers?
4. What data do payers care about?
5. What is the market access strategy that will help me hit my sales targets?
6. What are all the potential barriers my drug will face at launch, and how can I best mitigate them?
7. How do I evaluate a coverage decision?
8. What does it mean to be restricted?
9. What does a coverage decision mean?


10. How can I best target the payers and prescribers with the highest patient impact?
11. How can I get the early feedback needed to create the most impactful personal and non-personal promotion (NPP) messaging?

Medical Affairs

12. Are we seeing any instances of fraud, waste and abuse?
13. Are prescribers overprescribing when a regiment is not working? Or are prescribers not switching treatments or lines of therapy fast enough?


14. How do I control and avoid rebate leakage?
15. Where is my rebate spend making a difference?

At Norstella, we help you connect the dots with predictive analytics, real-world data, machine learning, and more to successfully develop, launch and market your product. Need actionable answers to your pharma development and commercialization questions? Let’s connect.

Getting answers is important because:

• Clinical trials are expensive, with the average cost of phase 1, 2, and 3 clinical trials across therapeutic areas being around $4, 13, and 20 million; careful planning is imperative.1
• The average mid-sized pharmaceutical manufacturer spends $4 to $5 billion in rebates annually, and 2% to 3% of revenue is compromised due to rebate leakage—translating to an average loss of $150 million every year from overpaying rebates.2

1 . How much does a clinical trial cost?
2. Rebate Leakage: How Pharma Companies Can Prevent a Multimillion-Dollar Problem

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