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Press Releases | Jan. 10, 2024

Evaluate, a Norstella company, announces acquisition of J+D Forecasting

January 8, 2024, London, UK and Boston, MA – Evaluate, a Norstella company, announced today the acquisition of J+D Forecasting, a leading provider of forecasting solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Read more
Press Releases | Dec. 04, 2023

MMIT wins Titan Health Award for healthcare innovation

December 4, 2023, Yardley, PA – MMIT, a Norstella company and the trusted go-to-market partner for overcoming barriers to patient access, is excited to announce that its Patient Access Analytics solution has won a Titan Health Award, which celebrates and recognizes extraordinary achievements in healthcare advertising and marketing. Read more
Press Releases | May. 16, 2023

Industry veteran Fred Hassan joins the board of Norstella

Norstella, a leader in helping patients gain access to life-saving therapies by navigating the complexities at each step of the drug development life cycle, is pleased to announce that Fred Hassan has joined its board of directors. Hassan brings a wealth of experience and expertise in healthcare, having served as CEO of several major pharmaceutical companies and as a board member of numerous healthcare organizations. He has held senior leadership roles at some of the world's most prominent organizations, including Schering-Plough, Pharmacia Corporation, and Bausch & Lomb. Read more
Press Releases | Apr. 04, 2023

TriNetX and Clinerion unite as TriNetX and Norstella announce strategic partnership

Cambridge, MA, April 4, 2023 — TriNetX, the global network of healthcare organizations driving real-world research to accelerate the development of novel therapies, and Norstella, the leading pharmaceuticals solutions provider, today announced a multi-faceted strategic partnership. As part of this exciting partnership, TriNetX will acquire Norstella’s Clinerion Ltd. subsidiary, expanding the growth of the world’s leading research network for real world data (RWD). Read more
Press Releases | Mar. 30, 2023

Citeline launches TrialScope intelligence, meeting the growing complexities of clinical trial disclosure

Clinical trial disclosure compliance is challenging, whether a sponsor is registering five trials or 500 trials. Compounding the complexity is the fact that no global standards exist for disclosure. With ever-changing global regulations, new requirements on the rise and the threat of monetary penalties, study sponsors are feeling the pressure to maintain compliance, minimize risk and safeguard their brand reputation. Read more
In the News | Mar. 07, 2023

How robust data technology is transforming the design and execution of viable clinical trials

While incorporating real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) across the drug development lifecycle is getting a lot of attention, the application of such insights gleaned from rigorous analysis to the design and execution of clinical trials has yet to be widely adopted, despite its potential to address some of these persistent challenges. Read more
In the News | Jan. 08, 2023

What do you view as the most disruptive or transformational technology or development on the horizon?

Norstella CEO, Mike Gallup, weighs in on the most disruptive / transformational technology on the horizon in a recent pharma’s almanac piece. “As regulators and payers look for new information to guide their decision-making, real-world data and evidence are poised to play a transformative role in not only getting drugs to market quickly, but also ensuring that patients can access them.” Read more
Press Releases | Dec. 09, 2022

Exclusive AIS Health data outlines 2021 compensation for health insurer CEOs

Washington, DC, Dec. 9, 2022 — In AIS Health’s annual roundup of health insurer executive compensation data, four newly public startup insurers stand out. But the stock awards that are largely driving their eye-popping total compensation figures — such as Clover Health Investments Corp. CEO Vivek Garipalli’s $390 million or Bright Health Group, Inc. CEO Mike Mikan’s $181 million — are based in part on the firms’ initial public offering (IPO) stock valuations, which were many times higher than what their shares are now worth. Read more
In the News | Nov. 14, 2022

Industry leaders offer reflections on 2022 and predictions for 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to evolve, forcing companies to adapt to a constantly changing landscape filled with fluid consumer expectations. Meanwhile, several other key healthcare-related trends have bubbled to the surface over that period. Read more
In the News | Nov. 14, 2022

What can we expect in pharma in 2023?

Drug pricing, CMS getting negotiating power for drug purchasing, vaccines, clinical trials, artificial intelligence, and Pharmacists becoming care givers. These are the highlights of 2022, what do the experts say we will see in 2023? We rounded up some experts and asked them just that. And join us for the next few weeks as we look at what we might see in 2023. Read more
In the News | Nov. 14, 2022

The 2023 PharmaVoice crystal ball: peering into the future of life sciences

For the 2023 PharmaVoice Year in Preview, we zeroed in on six key trends: clinical trial diversity, disruptive tech, innovation, talent management, patient engagement and leading through uncertain times. Here, we’ve asked industry execs to look into their crystal balls and tell us about anything they see coming. Read more
Press Releases | Nov. 01, 2022

Citeline and Norstella complete merger to form a $5 billion global pharmaceutical technology company

Nov. 1, 2022 – Norstella, a global leader with end-to-end solutions that smooth access to life-saving therapies for patients, has announced the completion of its merger with Citeline (formerly Pharma Intelligence), a leader in the clinical trial intelligence space. At deal close, the $5 billion global company is now one of the world’s largest pharma intelligence solutions providers on the market, with more than 1,600 employees across the five brands that make up Norstella: Evaluate, MMIT, Panalgo, The Dedham Group, and now Citeline. Read more
Press Releases | Jun. 28, 2022

Citeline and Norstella unite to offer life sciences clients a full suite of commercial and clinical solutions

June 28, 2022 – Norstella, an organization that helps life sciences companies navigate the complexities of the drug life cycle, and Citeline (formerly Pharma Intelligence)—a leading provider of specialist intelligence, data and software for clinical trials, drug development and regulatory compliance—have announced an agreement to merge the companies. Read more
Press Releases | Jun. 23, 2022

MMIT announces winners of the Q1 2022 Patient Access Awards

June 23, 2022, Yardley, PA – Managed Markets Insight & Technology (MMIT)—the trusted go-to-market partner for overcoming barriers to patient access—has launched the inaugural Patient Access Awards to honor pharmaceutical manufacturers committed to improving patient access to life-saving therapies. Read more
In the News | Jun. 22, 2022

Merger creates $5 billion pharma technology company

Norstella and Citeline (formerly Pharma Intelligence) have merged to form a $5 billion global company, one of the largest pharma intelligence solutions providers on the market. Read more
In the News | Jun. 22, 2022

Norstella, Citeline merge to create $5bn pharma tech firm

Citeline and Norstella have completed a merger, first announced in June, to create one of the largest players in the pharmaceutical intelligence category. Read more
In the News | Jun. 22, 2022

Norstella completes acquisition of Citeline to form $5B pharma intelligence group

Although financial terms weren’t disclosed, Norstella estimates that it is now a $5 billion player in the market, the company said in a Nov. 1 press release. The acquisition was first announced in June. Read more
In the News | Jun. 22, 2022

Norstella completes merger with Citeline to form $5B pharma tech company

The combined company has more than 1,500 employees worldwide, including about 200 in the Philadelphia region. Read more
In the News | Jun. 22, 2022

Citeline, Norstella complete $5B merger

Citeline and Norstella announced the completion of their $5 billion merger Tuesday morning. The deal, first announced in late June, creates one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical intelligence solutions providers. The combined company has $5 billion and 1,600 employees. Citeline will join four other brands, Evaluate, MMIT, Panalgo and The Dedham Group, as part of Norstella. Read more
Press Releases | May. 09, 2022

MMIT announces the winners of the seventh-annual specialty pharmacy Patient Choice Awards

May 9, 2022, Yardley, PA – Managed Markets Insight & Technology (MMIT)—the trusted go-to-market partner for overcoming barriers to patient access—has announced the winners of the seventh-annual Specialty Pharmacy Patient Choice Awards.  Each year, MMIT hosts the Patient Choice Awards to honor specialty pharmacies that provide best-in-class customer satisfaction and overall patient care within four categories: Payer/PBM, Hospital and Health System, Independent and Retail. Read more
Press Releases | May. 03, 2022

Four prominent pharmaceutical solutions providers launch Norstella to drive innovation and get patients access to life-saving therapies faster

May 3, 2022 – Creating a hub for rapid innovation, four prominent pharmaceutical solutions providers—Evaluate, MMIT, Panalgo and The Dedham Group—are thrilled to announce the launch of Norstella. Read more
Press Releases | Feb. 17, 2022

MMIT announces game-changing solution for life sciences companies

Feb. 17, 2022, Yardley, PA – Following the acquisition of healthcare analytics company Panalgo in September 2021, Managed Markets Insight & Technology (MMIT) has announced the launch of Patient Access Analytics Read more
Press Releases | Sep. 28, 2021

MMIT/Evaluate acquire Panalgo

MMIT/Evaluate Acquire Panalgo to Bring Speed and Trust to Pharma Analytics and Decision-Making The move will result in a disruptive, market-leading analytics platform that provides on-demand insights across dozens of normalized real-world evidence and market access data sets that support decision-making from pipeline to prescription September 28, 2021, Yardley, PA — Managed Markets Insight & Technology (MMIT) and […] Read more
Press Releases | Aug. 20, 2021

MMIT and Evaluate

MMIT and Evaluate Join Forces to Offer an End-to-End View of the Pharmaceutical Market Landscape By combining their technology, data and expertise, MMIT and Evaluate will become a $1.6 billion global pharma commercial intelligence provider August 20, 2021, Yardley, PA — Managed Markets Insight & Technology (MMIT), LLC, the trusted go-to-market partner solely focused on solving the “what […] Read more
Press Releases | Apr. 27, 2021

MMIT & The Dedham Group unite to smooth access to therapy

The combined data, technologies and expertise of both organizations will positively impact patient access to life saving treatments April 27, 2021, Yardley, PA – Managed Markets Insight & Technology, LLC. (MMIT), the trusted go-to-market partner solely focused on solving the “what and why” of market access—so that patients don’t face delays when trying to access lifesaving […] Read more


Infographic | Jun. 05, 2024

Obesity R&D in 2024 & beyond: Key considerations in an increasingly competitive landscape

Obesity has undoubtedly become a major area of focus for drug developers over the years, due to its increased prevalence across the globe as well as its debilitating comorbidities, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and psychiatric disorders. In parallel, advancements in technology have facilitated deeper understanding of the disease and how to treat it effectively, […] Read more
Article | May. 16, 2024

Why are clinical development success rates falling?

Likelihood of approval for new Phase I drugs is now just 6.7% Phase transition data from Citeline for the 10-year period between 2014ؘ and 2023 show that the average likelihood of approval (LOA) for a new Phase I drug is now just 6.7%. This has steadily fallen in each analysis to an all-time low. The […] Read more
Video | May. 03, 2024

Unlocking success in the evolving pharma landscape: Insights from Norstella’s Daniel Chancellor

Norstella’s Daniel Chancellor opines on the essential big picture dynamics in today’s pharma landscape. With clinical advances benefitting patients that had been previously overlooked, pharma companies are shifting how they build their pipelines and communicate value to payers. Deciding on the right strategies relies on having access to the best data, learning the lessons from […] Read more
Article | May. 03, 2024

The ADC market: Hot – or too hot to handle?

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are a unique class of drug compound, comprising a monoclonal antibody (mAb), a linker, and a cytotoxic payload. Together, these make it possible to target tumors with far greater specificity than with traditional forms of treatment. “This unique design enables ADCs to achieve ‘targeted chemotherapy’ and provides advantages over conventional chemotherapy and […] Read more
Article | Apr. 23, 2024

How women are transforming life sciences

Maureen Ladouceur is Norstella’s EVP and Chief Commercial Officer. She recently spoke with Andrea Charles, VP of Custom Content at Norstella, about her career in life sciences, women leading innovation in this space, and what major trends she expects for this industry. Highlights from their discussion are summarized below. A career focused on patient impact […] Read more
Article | Apr. 15, 2024

GLP-1: The 360° view

The GLP-1 agonist class of drugs, pioneered by Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk, has become the biggest news story within the biopharma industry of the last couple of years. With tremendous clinical data supporting >20% weight loss and reduction in cardiovascular outcomes, there is seemingly no limit to the potential of these medicines. Analysts and […] Read more
Article | Apr. 11, 2024

Eight routes to patient diversity

Norstella helps clients achieve diversity in clinical trials while committing to it in its own practices. Andrew Warmington, manufacturing editor at Norstella, spoke to Fenwick Eckhardt, senior manager of clinical new product development at Norstella Diversity is a widely used term in many contexts and clinical trials are no exception. But what does the word […] Read more
ebook | Mar. 29, 2024

Paving the way for women in life sciences

The ultimate success of the life sciences industry is highly dependent on a diverse workforce of pioneers, collaborators, and change-drivers, though there is still progress to be made with regard to gender equality in this field. Life sciences organizations are thus exploring ways to best prioritize diversity, including how to advocate for equality among leadership […] Read more
Article | Feb. 28, 2024

A new era for patient recruitment and retention in rare disease

Pharma and biotech organizations continue to prioritize the diversification of their pipelines to innovate more in areas of high and rare unmet need. In addition to delivering life-saving treatments to patients who have had historically limited therapeutic options, addressing high and rare unmet needs can lead to faster routes to market with accelerated regulatory pathways […] Read more
Article | Feb. 28, 2024

What private equity’s growing investment in urology practices means for oncology manufacturers

Over the past five years, private equity groups have slowly increased their acquisition of urology practices, increasing their footprint and influence in the urology channel. While many debate the impact of private equity on healthcare delivery and quality, the PE footprint across U.S. healthcare is expected to grow consistently over the next few years. Private […] Read more
Article | Jan. 23, 2024

Urology practices’ growing role in oncology: Three trends to watch

In 2024, urology practices continue to expand their role in the oncology treatment space, and proactive pharma companies are increasingly focusing on this channel. Historically, urology practices directed their patients to specialized oncology practices and academic care centers for treatment of advanced genitourinary (GU) cancers, such as prostate cancer or urothelial carcinoma. However, in recent […] Read more
Article | Dec. 19, 2023

What do you think was the single most consequential event or result in pharma/biopharma in 2023?

Certainly, the Inflation Reduction Act will continue to play out as it relates to pricing and reimbursements, as well as potential impacts to exclusivity. But putting aside regulatory impacts for a moment, the most consequential change I see is the democratization of AI. AI in and of itself has been put into practice by companies […] Read more
Article | Nov. 29, 2023

Worries and hopes for health care delivery in 2024

Industry experts from Norstella, whose data and technologies support decision making from R&D through to market access, shared their worries going into 2024. From less tolerance for failure as pressure mounts on pipelines to ongoing consequences of regulatory changes, such as the introduction of US Inflation Reduction Act, life sciences companies will face a number […] Read more
Article | Oct. 26, 2023

3 key challenges discussed at Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa

At the 2023 Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa earlier this month, senior executives and top decision-makers discussed commercialization challenges facing the cell and gene therapy sector. This year’s conference called out some of the biggest issues that the industry is facing. Leaders discussed challenges ranging from manufacturing scalability issues to gaps in Medicare […] Read more
Article | Oct. 25, 2023

6 step guide: Successfully navigating complexities of drug development

Not only is developing a new drug expensive, but an extraordinarily lengthy and complex process. In fact, some estimate that drug development can cost upwards of $2.8 billion and take 10-15 years. From the initial stages of drug discovery, clinical trials and regulatory approvals, to pre-and post-launch strategizing and commercialization, pharmaceutical companies face numerous obstacles […] Read more
REPORT | Jun. 27, 2023

How real-world evidence is impacting regulatory decision-making: A collection of 10 recent regulatory decisions based on RWE

Volume 3 Discover the power of real-world evidence (RWE) in shaping regulatory decisions through “How RWE is Impacting Regulatory Decision-Making.” Volume 3 of Panalgo’s popular use cases series reveals 10 recent instances where life sciences companies have not only invested in RWE but have successfully utilized it in their submissions to the FDA and other […] Read more
Article | Jun. 20, 2023

10 questions that oncology manufacturers should be asking about the Stark Law

Even though we knew it was coming, the end of the COVID public health emergency (PHE) on May 11, 2023, still took the healthcare industry by surprise. While the end of the PHE resulted in the rollback of many COVID-19 programs, it also changed the ways that Medicare patients can access oral therapies from community […] Read more
Article | Jun. 08, 2023

A 26-year journey to reach a complex rare disease diagnosis

Imagine: it’s Saturday, and you’re at your five-year-old’s soccer game on a beautiful spring day. As she runs down the field, you watch her collapse because her knee just dislocated. This is where Norstella’s Go To Market Director for Patient Engagement & Recruitment, Haley Quinn’s rare disease story starts. At the time of this first […] Read more
Article | May. 24, 2023

5 barriers to access for sickle cell disease gene therapies

Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a genetic blood disorder that affects the lives of 100,000 Americans1. SCD causes abnormal hemoglobin molecules in the red blood cells, resulting in cells forming in a crescent or sickle shape, which can block blood vessels and cause pain, organ damage, and other complications. This cellular-level disfunction is addressable with […] Read more
Article | Jan. 30, 2023

Using coverage and claims data provides pharma a view of payer and prescriber behavior

Insufficient return on investment due to an underperforming launch is a thought that makes any pharma manufacturer shudder. Considering that about half of all products launched over the last 15 years have underperformed pre-launch consensus forecasts by more than 20%, companies must proactively plan their near- and long-term strategies to ensure financial losses remain a […] Read more
REPORT | Aug. 15, 2022

How real-world evidence is impacting regulatory decision-making: A collection of 12 recent approvals based on RWE

Volume 1 From the new FDA framework to the urgency of COVID-19, recent events have dramatically accelerated the use of RWE in regulatory decision-making. Now, life sciences organizations are investing heavily in analytics to generate RWE for regulatory submission. Read more
Article | Jan. 23, 2023

Clinical pathways: What are they, and how do they affect access?

By Lindsay Lorenzen VP of Solution Consulting, Norstella Pharma manufacturers working within oncology, and a few other select fields, face a unique challenge when bringing their therapies to market: clinical pathways. According to MMIT Pulse Analytics data, roughly 62% of U.S. oncologists are currently exposed to a clinical pathway. And of those using pathways, adherence […] Read more
Article | Jan. 17, 2023

15 critical business questions keeping pharma leaders up at night

To ensure success in today’s evolving pharmaceutical marketplace, you need answers to critical business questions at each step of the drug development life cycle. Is your organization equipped to answer these burning questions? Business Development 1. Of all assets available, what asset has the highest potential and is most likely to give me the patient […] Read more
Article | Jan. 09, 2023

Norstella SMEs reflect on the biggest stories of 2022 and the industry trends to come

Now that 2023 is upon us, now’s the time to gather some key intel from the past year: What did we learn from some of the biggest stories in life sciences? And how can we apply those learnings in the year ahead? To gain some perspective, we tapped SMEs from across the Norstella brands to […] Read more
Article | Jan. 09, 2023

Improving market access: Are you making the most of real-world data?

By Lindsay Lorenzen VP of Solution Consulting, Norstella As drug and therapy innovation becomes more specialized and costs continue to rise, improving market access becomes more complicated. As the landscape evolves, pharma manufacturers must strategize accordingly to ensure a successful launch. Navigating the changing market access landscape is a common struggle for pharma manufacturers: One […] Read more
Article | Jan. 02, 2022

Breaking down the top three barriers to patient access

By Lindsay Lorenzen VP of Solution Consulting, Norstella Payers drive an increasingly large portion of the decision-making surrounding patient access. They determine how a drug is placed on formulary, what restrictions should exist, how and when patients qualify, etc., before patients can access a life-saving therapy or treatment. This means that pharma manufacturers who want […] Read more
REPORT | Jan. 23, 2023

How real-world evidence is impacting regulatory decision-making: 12 recent approvals based on RWE

Volume 2 Offering 12 new use cases of life sciences companies continuing to invest in RWD to advance product approvals before an FDA that is only becoming more accepting of RWE. Read more
Article | Sep. 08, 2022

Insights & innovators: A Q&A with Greg Norman and Katia Hannah from Dexcom

In our latest edition of our Insights & Innovators blog, we sit down with members of Dexcom’s HEOR team to discuss how they use analytics to generate evidence of efficacy and cost-effectiveness for their products. Read more
Article | Dec. 12, 2022

What the changing definition of patient access means for pharma manufacturers

By Lindsay Lorenzen VP of Solution Consulting, Norstella The shift away from blockbuster drugs has led the pharmaceutical industry toward more specialized drugs and therapeutic areas for rare diseases, oncology and gene therapy. This wave of specialized, niche therapies has not only necessitated a more in-depth approach to commercialization but also led to increasingly complex […] Read more
Article | Dec. 09, 2022

Health insurance startup CEOs’ sky-high compensation figures are deceiving

In AIS Health’s annual roundup of health insurer executive compensation data, four newly public startup insurers stand out because their CEOs’ total compensation in 2021 easily outstrips that of chief executives at major firms like UnitedHealth Group and Cigna Corp. However, experts tell AIS Health that the startups’ filings with federal regulators paint an unintentionally […] Read more
Article | Nov. 15, 2022

Pipeline to Patient: Norstella delivers answers you can act on at every point of the drug development lifecycle

Pharma has questions throughout the life cycle. Norstella delivers answers you can act on at every point, from drug development through commercialization. Here are some critical questions you ask, and we answer below. Pre-clinical • What therapy areas lack effective treatments? • Which drugs should we invest in from the outset? • How many patients could we reach […] Read more
Article | Dec. 21, 2021

Market access speed is the next critical differentiator for pharma manufacturers

With the cost of healthcare and drug discovery continuing to rise and value-based contracting gaining traction, demonstrating a product’s economic value compared to existing competitor products is more important than ever. Drugs today need to be reimbursable, not just approvable, writes MMIT’s Dinesh Kabaleeswaran in an article for PharmExec. Read more
Article | Sep. 15, 2021

RWE: Supporting regulatory submissions with real-world evidence

When submitting RWE, it is crucial for life sciences organizations to not only feel confident in the data they provide, but also that it will be accepted by regulatory reviewers, writes Panalgo’s Tiffany Siu Woodworth. The main question these companies must ask themselves is, how can we trust the evidence we are providing? Read more
REPORT | Jul. 30, 2021

Evaluate pharma world preview 2021: Outlook to 2026

Evaluate’s comprehensive report tracks the expected performance of the biopharma industry between now and 2026, based on Evaluate Pharma’s coverage of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Read more


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