MMIT answers the “what” and the “why” of drug coverage, reimbursement and overall market access

About MMIT

MMIT (Managed Markets Insight & Technology, LLC) is regarded as a trusted go-to-market partner that identifies barriers to patient access and helps coordinate major stakeholders to move therapies from pipeline to patient—answering the “what” of how payers cover therapies and the “why” behind those decisions.

What started as a division of Medi-Media—an agency supporting pharmaceutical clients in key areas of commercialization—more than two decades ago, MMIT went on to acquire other industry-leading life sciences solutions providers, including Atlantic Information Services (AIS), Zitter Health Insights and RJ Health.

Today, MMIT believes that patients who need life-saving treatments shouldn’t face delays because of the barriers to accessing therapies. MMIT is now the leading provider of market access data, analytics and insights, and our expert teams of pharmacists, clinicians, data specialists and market researchers provide clarity and confidence so that our clients can make better decisions.

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