Class of 2024: Norstella intern yearbook

By Janelle Hart

Managing Editor, Custom Content | Norstella

As members of a vastly expanding industry, it is our job to empower other problem-solvers and pioneers who will one day become key change-drivers leading the way to a brighter future.

Norstella has always been committed to championing new ideas that come from diverse pools of talent, which is why we are thrilled to host our second class of interns this summer. We invited 27 young professionals from the US and UK to join our team and experience the impact we have in the life sciences industry.

This year’s program also gives interns the opportunity to explore a wider range of sectors. Whether it be in legal documentation, data analytics, or news and insights, our interns will get the early exposure of working across departments, mirroring a stakeholder environment that they will likely be encountering in the future.

We pride ourselves on not only providing guidance, but also a unique experience that reflects the true reality of a day’s work in a B2B setting within life sciences. Our global teams help them navigate the workplace, learn new communication, technology, and leadership skills, as well as collaborate with other like-minded individuals, encouraging them to grow their networks with the guidance of a colleague outside of their department through our Navigator Program.

We also know that this program is just as much of a learning experience for us as it is for our interns. They introduce our company to new perspectives and skills that translate into meaningful improvements to our workflows and team dynamics.

What I love about our internship program the most is how we communicate and demonstrate our mission-driven approach to business. By emphasizing our mission of improving patients’ lives in everything we do, we show our interns the rewarding nature of working in this industry. And in parallel, we influence these innovators to get behind our values and pursue a career in this complex, eye-opening field.

Norstella serves as a foundation for future leaders in life sciences, and I am confident that we will reach new heights with another year of eager interns. As always, I am excited about what we will achieve through initiatives such as this one that not only make our company better but also the lives of patients.

Foreword by Carrie Yonenson
Chief Human Resources Officer | Norstella


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