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The right tools and expertise to guide you through each step of the drug development life cycle, from pipeline to patient.

Our offerings include cutting-edge data solutions and expert advisory services alongside advanced technologies such as real-world data, machine learning and predictive analytics.

Patient Access Analytics

Quickly analyze and visualize real-world patient data sets to instantly obtain answers to access barriers and prescribing patterns. Patient Access Analytics—from MMIT and Panalgo, both Norstella companies—combines coverage data and claims data to provide commercial pharma teams with a unique view of payer and prescriber behavior.

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drug development stages
drug development phases

Strategic Launch Report & Evaluate Forecast

The Strategic Launch Report—from MMIT, a Norstella company—provides drug manufacturers with a realistic view of payers’ coverage adoption rates and utilization management within the first year post-launch. The report is paired with consensus forecast data from Evaluate, a Norstella company, for currently approved and pipeline agents within the target indication, to help you identify competitors and challenges and proactively plan your near- and long-term strategies.

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PULSE Analytics

As integrated delivery networks (IDNs) continue to grow in size and scope, it’s critical that pharma manufacturers target these key accounts, yet finding the right data to inform a robust IDN commercial strategy can seem like an insurmountable obstacle. PULSE Analytics from MMIT and The Dedham Group—both Norstella companies—provides one of the most comprehensive and granular data sets to help pharma companies get the actionable insights they need to target these critical accounts.

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