Pipeline to Patient: Norstella delivers answers you can act on at every point of the drug development lifecycle

From pipeline to patient infographic

Pharma has questions throughout the life cycle. Norstella delivers answers you can act on at every point, from drug development through commercialization. Here are some critical questions you ask, and we answer below.

• What therapy areas lack effective treatments?
• Which drugs should we invest in from the outset?
• How many patients could we reach globally with this therapy?
• How can we find data to support the level of investment needed to bring this therapy to market?
• How can we align our therapy with market needs?
• Where are the opportunities to innovate across the clinical landscape?

• How can we design a more efficient clinical trial?
• Where are the best people and places for clinical trials for our specific therapy?
• How do our clinical outcomes compare to our expectations and hypotheses?
• When will we meet our primary clinical endpoints?
• What’s the likelihood of our drug coming to market?
• Does our strategy need to pivot based on the market landscape?

At launch and post-launch
• Why and how are payers making coverage decisions?
• Why and how are payers controlling access in a specific class?
• Which insurance companies should we target to improve product positioning on a drug formulary or medical policy?
• What can we do to help payers understand the value of our therapy beyond the cost to help patients gain access?
• How are physician prescribing patterns affecting patient treatment long term?
• Which providers should we target in our specific therapeutic area?
• What are the real-world outcomes of a patient’s disease state after receiving treatment?
• How can we decrease our rebate leakage and gain an understanding of where we need to renegotiate?

We deliver answersyou can act on.
Norstella’s mission is to help patients gain access to life-saving therapies and provides life sciences clients with the right tools and expertise to navigate complexities at each step of the drug development life cycle, from pipeline to patient.

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