Obesity R&D in 2024 & beyond: Key considerations in an increasingly competitive landscape

By Janelle Hart

Managing Editor, Custom Content | Norstella

Obesity has undoubtedly become a major area of focus for drug developers over the years, due to its increased prevalence across the globe as well as its debilitating comorbidities, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and psychiatric disorders. In parallel, advancements in technology have facilitated deeper understanding of the disease and how to treat it effectively, resulting in a shift in the obesity treatment paradigm. Now, the industry is seeing more and more life sciences organizations recognize the potential of novel modalities for the treatment of this chronic disease, which has, in turn, heightened competition in this sector.

Norstella empowers stakeholders involved in obesity drug development to make informed decisions based on trusted industry data and expert insights. This infographic uses some of those data and insights to demonstrate the various complex factors that continue to impact obesity R&D, assess expectations for future development in this space, and emphasize how Norstella serves as a key partner for organizations that want to stay ahead of the evolving landscape to deliver life-saving treatments to patients.

Download and read the full infographic today: Obesity R&D in 2024 & beyond: Key considerations in an increasingly competitive landscape


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