Paving the way for women in life sciences

The ultimate success of the life sciences industry is highly dependent on a diverse workforce of pioneers, collaborators, and change-drivers, though there is still progress to be made with regard to gender equality in this field. Life sciences organizations are thus exploring ways to best prioritize diversity, including how to advocate for equality among leadership roles, promote more diversity in clinical trials, and ensure that women’s health issues are addressed adequately. In this effort, Norstella asked some of the women leading new product development and innovation for their insights on what hurdles persist for women in today’s landscape and what they think is imperative for a more diverse, and therefore successful, future in life sciences.

In addition to perspectives from innovators at Norstella, find in this eBook recent news and analyses on advancements and funding in women-led biopharma companies and women-focused health care initiatives.

Download and read the full ebook today: Paving the way for women in life sciences



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